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The Maze Runner Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

  • Just like the doors didn't close, the walls didn't move either.
  • As they're running, Teresa updates Thomas telepathically that they've found a few more words in the code, but they don't seem to make sense.
  • Thomas tries to talk back and actually succeeds in reaching her. They hypothesize the different reasons why they might have this ability, and both agree that someone must have manipulated their brains and that the telepathy must serve a higher purpose.
  • The Runners's running is in vain, and no new exits are found.
  • When "night" rolls around (as much as it can be night when the sky stays the same dull gray color), they are surprised that the Grievers aren't swarming with activity.
  • They don't see anything really out of the ordinary until around midnight though, when they see one Griever fleeing from around the corner and then another rushes right past them without stopping. Very, very odd behavior indeed.
  • They realize an explanation for the Griever's disinterest in them could be that they'd already grabbed a kid from the Glade and fulfilled their quota. It feels like the Creators are just messing with them now.
  • They head back to the Glade, unharmed but very disturbed.

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