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The Maze Runner Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

  • Thomas and Minho get back mid-morning to find that the Glade is functioning as close to normally as possible.
  • Newt rushes to greet them with childlike excitement that they might've found something, but he gets his hopes dashed when they report that nothing has changed.
  • Their suspicions were correct: the Grievers had attacked during the night and had taken one boy.
  • Minho loses hope and freaks out, and Thomas checks on the Map decoders and finds they've completed their task.
  • The code consists of six words: FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, PUSH. Well, that hardly makes any sense.
  • Apparently the Maze has been repeating those words for months, and they know FLOAT is the first one because after PUSH the Maze wouldn't show any letters for a week before starting over.
  • Thomas is frustrated by the indecipherable message, and then a horrible idea strikes him. He has a terrible plan: he's going to get stung by a Griever so that he can go through the Changing and get his memories back. On purpose.

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