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The Maze Runner Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

  • At the Gathering, Thomas is irked because the other Keepers won't allow Teresa to join them.
  • Alby persuades him to talk as fast as he can before everything starts to fade.
  • All of the boys were taken at a very young age by the Creators because of their above-average intelligence.
  • Their names are all nicknames for famous scientists: Alby for Albert Einstein, Newt for Isaac Newton, Thomas for Thomas Edison, and so on.
  • They are being watched by the beetle blades because the whole thing is a test to see who will survive, and how they will all react to different variables in a problem that has no solution.
  • The Creators want the survivors of the experiment for something important. That's why the Grievers are only killing one boy at a timeā€”the Creators need survivors.
  • Then Thomas drops a truth-bomb: he was with the Creators when they created the Maze and the Code.

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