Study Guide

The Maze Runner Chapter 50

By James Dashner

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Chapter 50

  • Thomas discloses that he and Teresa are different because they were part of the Maze Trials from the very beginning, though always against their will. They were the ones who designed the Maze.
  • He admits their telepathy, and that it was crucial to designing the whole experiment.
  • The other Keepers are in dumb shock, which is a pretty legit reaction.
  • Newt finally speaks up and says that even though Thomas and Teresa worked with the Creators, they are on their side now.
  • Thomas reveals the escape plan: there is a computer station, and when they punch in the code it will shut down the Grievers long enough for them to get through a door that the code also opens.
  • The reason they've never found this computer station, and the reason the escape plan is totally not awesome, is that it is located in the Griever Hole.

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