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The Maze Runner Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

  • Newt finds the two of them on the bench by the Box and says that even though they're all crazy, the other Keepers have agreed to the plan. Now they just have to convince the rest of the Gladers.
  • Thomas expresses concern over Alby's participation, and Newt says that he'll make up some story to get him to come along.
  • Newt says that even though he feels like Thomas should be the one leading things—it was his idea, after all—people might be resistant to following a Greenie, so he needs to lay low. Thomas is cool with that.
  • The next few hours are spent gathering supplies for the escape.
  • Most of the Gladers agree to go, including Alby, but a few of them are adamant about how stupid the plan is, so they're staying in the Glade.
  • They distribute and pack food, syringes of Grief Serum, water, and weapons.
  • Minho goes to the Cliff with a few Runners to use ivy ropes and rocks to test the Griever Hole.
  • Once Thomas and Teresa feel like they've done all they can to help with the preparations, they retreat to their secret hideout in the Deadheads to strategize about the computer station.
  • The plan is pretty simple: fight the Grievers, punch in the code, escape through the door.
  • As they're talking, Teresa wonders aloud about how she remembered "WICKED is good" and Thomas finally figures out that it's an acronym—World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department.
  • They both agree to the fact that the Glade is supposed to be good is very, very troubling.
  • They have nothing to lose.

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