Study Guide

The Maze Runner Chapter 54

By James Dashner

Chapter 54

  • Frypan prepares one final meal, and everyone eats it solemnly.
  • Chuck wonders who he's supposed to be named after. Thomas guesses Chuck is short for Charles Darwin.
  • Chuck says what everyone is thinking—that he's glad they are finally fighting back, and if only one boy has to die then hopefully it won't be him.
  • Thomas is worried that the Creators will anticipate their attack and reprogram the Grievers to kill as many people as they can, but he keeps his fears to himself.
  • Thomas reminds Chuck about his promise to get him home.
  • Forty-one boys head for the West Door, equipped with makeshift weapons and a few supplies.
  • Newt makes a paltry speech about the plan, and when Minho asks for a better pep talk, the best he can come up with is "Be careful, […] don't die" (54.26).
  • Newt tries again, and gives an inspired battle cry until all the boys are amped up on bravado.
  • And then they all run into the Glade brandishing their weapons, and head toward the Cliff.

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