Study Guide

The Maze Runner Chapter 55

By James Dashner

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Chapter 55

  • Teresa and Thomas keep up a running commentary (get it?) telepathically as the group plows towards the Cliff. Thomas feels protective of Teresa even though he's pretty sure she can hold her own.
  • Minho leads the group of out-of-shape Gladers until they reach a long alley that leads to the Cliff.
  • Horrified, they hear the sounds of a large group of Grievers, who apparently have been waiting for them instead of out wandering the Maze. Oh good.
  • Then, just when they think it couldn't get worse, another large group charges in from behind. The Gladers are officially surrounded.
  • The Grievers form a circle around them, and then pause, as if they are waiting for something.
  • Alby, as if he's in a trance, starts walking away from the group and towards the Cliff. Then he starts running right towards the Grievers.
  • Alby's sacrifice (yeah, the Grievers make quick work of him) gives Newt, Thomas, and Minho the chance to discuss tactics. Unfortunately, however, the one-boy-killed-a-day theory proves to be outdated. Just as they are rallying to get Thomas and Teresa to the Cliff, the Grievers come to life and charge toward them.

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