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The Maze Runner Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

  • Newt makes a snap-decision and tells Minho he needs to lead the way. They are going to try to make a path for Thomas and Teresa.
  • Minho instructs the rest of the Gladers to fight through the middle and protect our protagonists.
  • Chuck is running past them to take part in the fight when Thomas grabs him and tells him that he's with them—they might need his help to fight off Grievers when they get into the Hole.
  • They see their window and dash forward through the raging carnage.
  • When they skid to a halt at the Cliff, they see that the Runners Minho had taken to scout out the Hole had tossed loose ends of vines from the wall into the Hole, creating a neat outline of where they need to jump.
  • Teresa goes first, then Chuck with a little boost from Thomas.
  • Thomas's heart swells with love for the chubby little kid, and then he catapults himself into the Hole using his makeshift spear.

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