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The Maze Runner Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

  • The Hole is freezing cold, dark, and slippery.
  • Teresa's flashlight is the only light, and it reveals that they are in a ten-foot-high cylinder covered in grimy oil.
  • They see the computer and run toward it. They nominate Teresa to type in the words so that Chuck and Thomas can stand guard against possible Griever attack.
  • A Griever pops through the Hole right on cue and Thomas goes after it with his spear. He manages to cut off an "arm" when Teresa screams that the computer won't let her enter the last word.
  • Thomas charges, jumps onto the body of the Griever, and jams his spear down into its flesh. Yellow goo splashes everywhere and Thomas jumps away.
  • Thomas has just killed a Griever. Slow clap.
  • Now he's able to help Teresa, who has been desperately entering and re-entering the word PUSH into the computer to no avail.
  • Now two more Grievers are squeezing through the Hole. Chuck is panicked.
  • When they are about to give up, Chuck suggests that maybe they should just push the button that is situated right beneath the screen and keyboard of the computer.
  • Duh.
  • The Grievers are closing in as Thomas and Teresa lean closer to the button which is oh-so-helpfully labeled "Kill the Maze."
  • Teresa pushes the button and things go silent as they hear the sound of a door opening at the end of the tunnel.

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