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The Maze Runner Chapter 59

By James Dashner

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Chapter 59

  • The Creators are wearing black coats over white shirts with a word stitched over their right breasts. They are still taking notes as if the children's falling into their lab was a normal occurrence.
  • A loud beeping rings through the chamber and the large doors start to open.
  • Thomas braces himself for something terrible to come through them, but it's just two people: a woman and a boy wearing an oversized hoodie concealing his face.
  • The woman seems really familiar to Thomas, but he can't remember who she is.
  • She congratulates them for making it over two years with so few dead. They had expected more to give up along the way.
  • She pulls the hood off of the boy's head, and they all see that it's Gally.
  • Minho is really angry that Gally is there.
  • The woman says to be calm and that they are safe now, but Minho won't accept this and demands to see the police, the mayor… any authority figure other than her.
  • She just ignores Minho's outburst and says that someday they'll all be grateful for what they've done. Then she says that there is, of course, one last Variable.
  • Gally looks strained, like he's about to explode. He struggles to say that they can control him (just like Alby after the Changing), and then he pulls out a dagger and throws it at Thomas.
  • Chuck throws himself in front of Thomas and takes the dagger to the chest.
  • Thomas cradles his head after he falls and holds him. Chuck asks him to find his Mom, and then dies.
  • Thomas snaps and goes berserk on Gally. He tackles him and then kneels on his body, punching and choking him in a blind fury. Newt and Minho pull him off, and then he runs back over to Chuck to hold him again.
  • Thomas starts to weep, repeating the words "I promised him" over and over.

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