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The Maze Runner Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Newt rudely awakens Thomas by slapping a clammy hand over his mouth, and tells him that he has something to show him before the wake-up. How 'bout you showing him some coffee, Bub?
  • They run through the dim light to the wall, where Newt pulls aside the ivy to reveal a dusty window.
  • Newt explains that everything the boys do—every waking minute—is spent trying to solve the maze. And more importantly, that what Thomas is about to see is why the walls close every night, and why he should never find himself stuck outside of them.
  • What Newt is showing Thomas is one of them. It is large and bulbous, about the size of a cow but more like a giant amoeba. It has multiple limbs with instruments of torture attached to them, like saws, shears, and long rods. The worst part is, this mix of animal and machine (no, not this one) desperately wants to kill the boys in the Glade.
  • Luckily, the Grievers (that's what you call the angry, armed killer amoebas) only come out at night. That should help Thomas sleep.
  • Even though he's terrified, Thomas still knows that he needs to be a Runner. He feels driven to find an answer to all of the questions that no one will answer.
  • Alby comes to get him for the Tour right after breakfast, and tells Thomas that he doesn't get to ask questions until the end. What a surprise.

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