Study Guide

The Maze Runner Chapter 60

By James Dashner

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Chapter 60

  • With Chuck dead, Thomas no longer has any hope for the future.
  • Teresa holds Thomas's hand, and everyone just stars at Chuck's body.
  • The woman coldly says, "All things happen for a purpose" (60.8).
  • They hear shouts outside the entrance before several wet, dirty, raggedy-looking men and women burst in pointing guns and yelling demands.
  • One of them shoots the woman from WICKED, killing her.
  • A man walks up to the Gladers and says that he doesn't have time to explain but they need to come with him—their lives depend on it.
  • The group numbly follows the man, running through hallways and tunnels until they are outside in the pouring rain.
  • They are instructed to get into an old, beat-up bus, but Thomas is at the back of the bottleneck going up the stairs.
  • A woman grabs his shoulder from behind and he's terrified. She has greasy hair, pale wrinkly skin covered in oozing sores, and smells like rotten eggs and milk. Okay, we get it, she nasty.
  • The woman yells, "Gonna save us all! […] Don't believe a word they tell ya! Gonna save us from the Flare, ya are!" (60.32).
  • One of their rescuers drags her off of Thomas and he's able to flee onto the bus.
  • The man who spoke to them in the chamber gets behind the wheel and starts to drive, but the oozing lady is sprinting toward the front of the bus yelling and gesticulating wildly.
  • Instead of stopping, the bus just plows her over.

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