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The Maze Runner Chapter 8

By James Dashner

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Chapter 8

  • Even though they're all dying of curiosity about the Box, Chuck and Thomas take the time to establish that they're officially buddies now. They even update their Facebook status.
  • (Kidding.)
  • Then Thomas peppers Chuck with a bunch of questions about what the previous boys have tried in terms of using the Box to escape. Basically, everything Thomas can think of has been tried, sometimes to the detriment of the boy who tried it. One kid tried to lower himself on a rope made of ivy, but after ten feet he was sliced in half. That must've been a rough day.
  • While they're all waiting for the Box to open, Chuck finally realizes that Gally is glaring at Thomas with laser beams of hatred. He's not too quick on the uptake, but at least Thomas doesn't feel like he's the only one who noticed.
  • Then the Box opens. And the person who is in it is the last thing they all expected: it's a girl.
  • The girl is lifeless, so Alby and Newt jump in to get her out. Once they haul her up to the ground Thomas can see that she's about five and a half feet tall, thin, with tar black hair. She is also very pale, and very beautiful. (Holy Moly, they found Snow White. Quick, someone kiss her.)
  • Newt calls Thomas over to where they are kneeling by Snow White and ask him if he knows her, or if she even feels familiar. He denies having a clue, but has a smidgeon of doubt.
  • The girl suddenly sits up and scares the crap out of everyone. Then she says in a haunted voice: "Everything is going to change" (8.94).
  • As she passes out again, her arm stays upright in the air like a Black Panther salute, clutching a wadded piece of paper.
  • It says: "She's the last one. Ever" (8.98). Oh good.

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