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The Maze Runner Fear

By James Dashner

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Obviously there're quite a few things to be afraid of in this story: booger monsters, the unknown, demented kids, the future, the past, the possibility of having to clean the group bathrooms. In fact, our protagonist spends the majority of his time swallowing back his fear and trying to move past it. How he does that, and why, is the focus of this section.

Fear is a major motivator, whether trying to avoid feeling it or trying to face the prickly sensation head-on. For Thomas, he doesn't have much choice—although the other kids have admitted to spending at least a week huddled in the corner crying like babies, he opts to face what he's afraid of and get down to business.

Questions About Fear

  1. Why are Thomas and Teresa the only ones who don't give in to the week-long pity party?
  2. Do you think if they'd been given more time in the Glade during normal operations they would've been more frightened to make a stand at the end? Does their innocence/ignorance make it easier to face down the enemy?
  3. Who would you say is the most fearful of the group?

Chew on This

The Glade is much more frightening than what lies in the real world.

The Flare and everything else outside the Glade is much more frightening because it includes the element of the unknown.

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