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The Maze Runner Justice and Judgment

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Justice and Judgment

There are a few occasions throughout the course of The Maze Runner where justice is dealt in surprising ways. Whereas the boys have constructed a solid system for placing judgment upon those accused of trespassing against their agreed-upon laws, sometimes the sentence doled out might seem a bit extreme. Or, when it comes to Thomas and his ability to skirt the rules, the decision might be considered unfair. It may not be a power-conferring conch shell (Lord of the Flies reference, guys), but we see that any system of government run by adolescent boys can sometimes be a bit too black-or-white.

Questions About Justice and Judgment

  1. Is Alby the driving force behind making the rules infallible?
  2. Does their system for passing judgment work in a fair and unbiased manner? Is it the most effective method they could've adopted?
  3. Was Ben's Banishment just? Should an exception have been made because he was still crazy from the Changing?
  4. Was Thomas's treatment just? Were the exceptions made for him fair?

Chew on This

Justice would be so much easier if everything was straightforward: You go into the Maze, you're banished. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. But: then it wouldn't really be just.

If Alby had been present for the Gathering that discussed Thomas's sentencing, he would've been banished. Yay or nay?

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