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The Miser Act 1, Scene 1

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Act 1, Scene 1

  • Valère and Élise are alone together, talking about their love and their plans to marry. Élise expresses her doubts about Valère's ability to be faithful to her. But when he assures her of his loyalty, she worries about her father, who will never consent to their marriage because Valère is a mere servant.
  • We learn that some time ago Valère saved Élise from drowning. She owes her life to him.
  • Valère mentions that he is on a quest to find his parents (this should come with a neon flashing Important Plot Point sign). When he finds them, hopefully they'll be able to do something that will improve his chances of winning over Élise's father.
  • Valère vows to go out in search of his parents, but Élise begs him not to leave her house. Instead, she recommends that he try as hard as he can to make her father like him.
  • Élise suggests that Valère make efforts to get her brother to like him, too. But Valère says that her brother and father are so different that he can only please one of them at a time. So he goes with the father.

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