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The Miser Act 5, Scene 2

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Act 5, Scene 2

  • Master Jacques enters at the far end of the stage, talking about getting a pig ready for dinner.
  • The officer tells him what's going on, and a lightbulb goes on in Jacques head: he sees his opportunity to get revenge on Valère. He tells the officer and Harpagon that he saw Valère take the box of cash.
  • The officer, though, wants some kind of proof. Jacques stumbles through a lame testimony, since he can't say what color the cashbox is or how big it is. But Harpagon is more than willing to be convinced.
  • Jacques sees Valère coming and begs the officer not to tell Valère about his accusation. For obvious reasons (like, you know, Jacques's testimony was a big fat lie) Jacques wants Valère to be in the dark.

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