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Constable Robert Morgan in The Monstrumologist

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Constable Robert Morgan

Constable Morgan is the slightly dim-witted policeman who has the unfortunate task of dealing with the Anthropophagi problem. He constantly seems just a little confused or bewildered, but who could really blame him? He has just been informed that creatures such as the Anthropophagus exist, and that they're living underground, and oh, they're like, awesome predators. And then he has to deal with the likes of Warthrop and Kearns, which is no picnic either.

Constable Morgan operates with a very black and white sense of right and wrong, so part of the reason he always seems confused is that he's dealing with geniuses who very definitely function in the gray area of morality. He finds comfort in reassuring himself that he'll arrest Kearns and Warthrop after the whole ordeal because this appeals to his sense of justice, as impotent as it seems.

As the town constable he had witnessed more than his fair share of man's inhumanity to man, from petty thievery to malicious battery. None of it had prepared him, however, for this naked confrontation with gross injustice, this horrific reminder that despite all the honors with which we shower ourselves, we are, ultimately, fodder, mere meat for the inferior, soulless things of which I dreamt the night before, no less than us the Creator's children. (8.83)

All in all, Morgan is a guy who is just trying to do the right thing (while perhaps asserting his authority to reassure himself that he has any), and we're left feeling a little sorry for the man because he's in over his head.

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