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The Monstrumologist Chapter 10

By Rick Yancey

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Chapter 10

"The Best Man for the Job"

  • The mysterious Dr. Kearns arrives. He's handsome, British, and speaks in a teasing, mischievous way.
  • Dr. Kearns seems to know just as much, if not more, about Anthropophagi than Dr. Warthrop. But Warthrop seems suspicious of Dr. Kearns.
  • When the constable walks in, Dr. Kearns refuses to give him his real name. Confusion ensues.
  • Dr. Kearns enjoys hunting Anthropophagi—it's better than hunting quail, in his opinion. To each his own, we suppose.
  • Dr. Kearns will be staying with Warthrop and Will Henry. He instructs Will Henry to get his driver to help him bring his belongings to his room, but they have to be very careful with the large box since its contents are very fragile. How mysterious.
  • The constable, Dr. Warthrop, and Dr. Kearns (going by the name of Dr. Cory, for some reason) are all huddled together debating how the Anthropophagi got to New Jerusalem. Dr. Winthrop is pointing out possible evidence of a twenty-four year migration from when they hit land after their wreck at sea. Dr. Kearns suggests that Dr. Warthrop Sr. must have brought them to New Jerusalem clandestinely.
  • Despite Warthrop's rage at such insinuations, everyone is forced to recognize the soundness of Kearns's logic.
  • The plan is to assemble five or six of the best men, preferably with military backgrounds, in addition to the people already gathered to eliminate the Anthropophagi pod.
  • Dr. Kearns has hunted Anthropophagi extensively in Africa and has a ton of experience. But he'll only help if he's paid five thousand dollars, and if he will not, under any circumstances, be held accountable for any laws broken or lives lost in the hunt. He requires total immunity. That doesn't bode well…
  • Kearns also wants it clear that while hunting, the men need to obey his every command without questions. Yikes.
  • Kearns and Constable Morgan continue to butt heads, but Kearns comes out on top before the constable goes home for the night.
  • Then Kearns turns his attention to fighting with Warthrop again about how the Anthropophagi got to New Jerusalem. Warthrop still thinks it is too far outside of his father's character to have hosted and fed such creatures for over twenty years. Kearns argues that he puts too much value on human life, that there are plenty of "undesirables" that could disappear without much notice.
  • Kearns accuses Warthrop of being blind to his father's actions because he still so desperately seeks his approval/love. Ouch.
  • Just as Will Henry starts to fall asleep, he hears his name. But this time it's Malachi calling him, not the doc.
  • On his way down to Malachi's room he sees Kearns doing something with a hypodermic needle and his mysterious box.
  • Malachi just had a bad dream. Will Henry reassures him, and as he's leaving he bumps into Dr. Kearns.
  • Turns out Dr. Kearns did meet Will Henry's father James once in Amazonia. He and Dr. Warthrop were on a quest to find a parasitic organism known as Biminius arawakus. Then Kearns launches into a speech about how there are tons of things that want to eat us, like parasites and flatworms. Then he cheerfully wishes Will Henry goodnight and "don't let the bed bugs bite!" What a strange, strange man.

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