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The Monstrumologist Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

"It Seems I Must Reconsider My Original Hypothesis"

  • The trio rides to Old Hill Cemetery, New Jerusalem's home of the dearly departed.
  • We learn that Dr. Warthrop can pursue his "philosophy of monstrumology" because his family is wealthy. Like, Bruce Wayne wealthy. As such, the Warthrop mausoleum is an impressive edifice of death that reigns over the cemetery like Wayne Manor.
  • They pull out guns in preparation and the doc informs Erasmus that he needs to aim for the stomach, or alternatively, go for the eyes if in close combat.
  • Oh great, the Anthropophagi are also accomplished climbers.
  • Erasmus leads them to the girl's grave where he found the abomination.
  • While the doc examines the gravesite, Erasmus and Will Henry share a sweet but incongruous moment of merriment. They agree to have each other's backs.
  • Will Henry momentarily panics when the doc requests a lit torch and he realizes that he forgot the matches. Luckily Erasmus has some in order to light his pipe, though, so bullet = dodged.
  • Dr. Warthrop can't seem to find what he's looking for. He announces that they'll put the girl back into her grave, but then they'll return in daylight to see if the sun can reveal what he must be missing.
  • They've only gotten about three feet down when the horse starts acting spooked. They pause to listen, and they hear the characteristic hissing of Anthropophagi from the trees. It sounds like there are a lot of them. Well, poop.
  • Will Henry runs to the cart to retrieve Erasmus's rifle and the flash pots he'd filled with gunpowder. When he gets back to the half-dug grave, they wait, practically holding their breaths.
  • It is quiet, and the flash pot the doctor hurls toward the trees doesn't reveal anything out of the ordinary.
  • Erasmus is loudly proclaiming from within the half-dug grave that the Anthropophagi have left (or were never there) when an Anthropophagus bursts through the soil and impales Erasmus's thigh with its claws.
  • Will Henry's instinct is to grab Erasmus's wrist and pull him out, which maybe isn't such a great idea. As the creature starts eating his leg, Erasmus, in his panic, pulls Will Henry further into the grave.
  • Dr. Warthrop makes a quick decision and shoots Erasmus dead.
  • Will Henry and Dr. Warthrop run for their lives. The doctor manages to catch the cart with the bolting horse, and Will Henry just barely evades capture as he reaches it shortly after.
  • Now that he can look behind them, Will Henry sees that there are dozens of Anthropophagi chasing them.
  • The doctor throws the body of the girl at the beasts to buy them time, and they make a narrow escape by horseback.

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