Study Guide

The Monstrumologist Chapter 9

By Rick Yancey

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Chapter 9

"There Is Something I Should Show You"

  • Warthrop predicts that the constable will come back that afternoon to beg for his services, but the real reason he seeks them out is because he found Will Henry's hat at the cemetery. Uh oh…
  • Malachi is with the constable, and he seems glad to see Will Henry. Then, once he hears that Warthrop knew about the creatures before they killed his family, he grabs O'Brien's (the constable's driver) gun and tries to shoot Warthrop in the head. Can you blame him?
  • Will Henry kneels down, looks in Malachi's eyes, and calmly talks him out of killing Dr. Warthrop.
  • Malachi collapses in a sobbing heap in Will Henry's arms.
  • Dr. Warthrop takes the constable down to the laboratory to see the Anthropophagus corpse and Will Henry takes Malachi up to Dr. Warthrop Sr.'s room so he can lay down.
  • Malachi wants to understand Will Henry's loyalty to Dr. Warthrop. All Will Henry can do is tell him everything that has happened (omitting how the Anthropophagi got to New Jerusalem, of course).
  • Malachi forgives Will Henry his role in the deaths of his family, but he holds Dr. Warthrop responsible.

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