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The Monstrumologist Epilogue

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May 2008

  • The author has finally finished reading the first three volumes of William Henry's journal, and he calls the director of facilities to agree they must be fiction.
  • However, he asks some curious questions. He wants to know if they did any blood tests or an autopsy on Will Henry upon his death. They hadn't noticed anything strange in the blood work, and no autopsy was done because his death wasn't suspicious. The author admits he must've made arawakus up as well.
  • The author asks if he can keep the journals a little longer in order to read the rest of them, and the director agrees.
  • He does a bunch of research to try to verify anything in Will Henry's story, but is unable to make any significant discoveries.
  • Because he can't seem to drop it, he asks to visit Will Henry's grave. On a whim, he digs into the soil above his grave with a stick, and after a minute or two a tiny, wormlike creature (much like B. arawakus) squirms to the surface.
  • That creeps him out thoroughly, so he runs to his car and drives home, back to his modern life without room for monsters.

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