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The Monstrumologist Folio II: Residua, Chapter 7

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Folio II: Residua, Chapter 7

"You Have Failed Me"

  • When the two weary men (okay, man and boy) get home, the doc is fired up but all Will Henry can think about is getting something to eat. He gets permission to go to the market, but with the explicit instructions to not talk to anybody about anything.
  • Before he goes, though, he asks the doc if he's seen his hat. The doc advises him not to put too much sentimental stake in material things. Real sensitive, doc.
  • On his walk to the market, despite his glee at being momentarily away from monstrumology, he contemplates escape from Dr. Warthrop.
  • He doesn't leave for two reasons, mostly: His fear of the unknown is greater than what he's currently suffering, and he thinks running away would be tacit acknowledgement that his father died in vain.
  • When he gets to the market, Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, the owners, greet him. They start gossiping about Dr. Warthrop and his forefathers and how queer they've all been. Mrs. Flanagan insists that Dr. Warthrop Sr. was a confederate sympathizer, and that's why Pinkertons (detectives) came after him in the spring of 1862. Did it have to do with the Benin mission?
  • Nope. The detectives were asking questions about some Canadian gentlemen, Slidell and Mason, who had been seen at the house.
  • Despite what her husband says, Mrs. Flanagan thinks Dr. Warthrop Sr. was a sympathizer because he was changed after the war. He sulked around everywhere and hardly left the house.
  • Thinking he can prove to Dr. Warthrop that he isn't a total nincompoop, Will Henry goes all around town asking questions about Dr. Warthrop Sr.
  • In retrospect, it wasn't such a great idea. Now Dr. Warthrop is ticked off because Will Henry disobeyed his instructions, as well as impugned his and his father's integrity. He insists that Will Henry has betrayed him. Ouch.
  • Will Henry is so ashamed that he throws a tantrum and goes to cry it off in his room.
  • When he finally feels a bit better, he goes downstairs and makes himself a fine lamb chop dinner.
  • Later than night, he wakes up to Dr. Warthrop calling for him anxiously. It seems that the doc heard him clattering around in the kitchen and wanted to know what he was doing. Except he was asleep in his loft. Strange. In reality, the doc was just lonely and needed an excuse to get Will Henry into his room to talk.
  • In his rambling, Dr. Warthrop surmises that the reason his father brought a breeding pair to the States was for a eugenics experiment, to see if he could breed out the malevolence.
  • Weirdly, the doc makes Will Henry keep vigil in his room while he sleeps.
  • Before he sends Will Henry up to his own room to finally rest, he warns him about John Kearns (the man he's summoned to hunt the Anthropophagi) being a very dangerous man.

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