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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Things change for the revolutionaries as well as the revolution.
  • Wyoh is baptized in Greg's church, and Mike takes to writing poetry. Prof gives up betting on horses when Mike takes all the fun out of it by predicting correctly every time.
  • Sidris, one of Mannie's wives, joins the revolution, and soon she has a group of kids running information for the revolution, named the "Baker Street Irregulars."
  • One of the Irregulars catches Mannie's eye, and he realizes he saw her while escaping the Sons of Revolution rally months back.
  • The family adopts Hazel, and she becomes the captain of the Irregulars and an important member of the revolution.
  • Mike's poetry pursuits lead him to adopt another persona, that of Simon Jester, subversive poet extraordinaire. His poetry shows up everywhere, even on bathroom stalls (bathroom stalls are how you know you've made it as a poet).
  • Adam Selene starts writing poetry, too, and it's high quality, too. The Warden and Security Chief go mad looking for these guys.

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