Study Guide

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 18

By Robert Heinlein

Chapter 18

  • Mannie has a meeting with the Chinese delegate on the committee, Dr. Chan.
  • During the meeting, Mannie hints that if the Chinese were to build a catapult on a tall mountain, the country could dominate trade with the new Luna state.
  • Mannie has several similar meetings with other delegates: different country, different mountain, same song and dance.
  • While they wait for the committee to recall them, Prof and Mannie go on a public tour to garner support for the Luna cause.
  • Prof buys a brass cannon during this time and hopes to one day see it on the Luna flag. (Click over to our "Symbols " section to read why.)
  • The Terrans question Mannie and Prof about Luna life as though they live on Mars or something.
  • One woman finds the idea of a line marriage completely foreign, so Mannie explains his family structure to her and shows her a picture of everybody.
  • The next morning, Mannie is arrested for the crime of bigamy.

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