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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Stu flies in for the rescue as Mannie's Get Out of Jail Free card.
  • The committee recalls Mannie and Prof, and tells them a new code of laws is being drafted for Luna—the free state will not be recognized.
  • Mannie is surprised that Prof is not arguing with the proclamation.
  • After the announcement, the Chairman asks Mannie for a word in his private office. He offers Mannie the job of Protector Pro Tem, if he'll go back to Luna and convince everyone that the new setup is pretty sweet. Of course, it's a secret, just between them.
  • Mannie doesn't answer but asks for the paperwork so he can look it over; he immediately goes to Stu and Prof and tells them what happened.
  • Stu puts his escape plan into action, and all three board a transport and rocket themselves moonward.

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