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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • More than two thousand troopers and three times as many Loonies die during the battle. Mannie credits the win to the Loonie's fighting spirit.
  • After the battle, Mannie contacts Mike and learns the dinkum thinkum machine took advantage of the attack and created a story to "kill off" Adam Selene, figuring it was as good a time as any since the figment of his circuitry had to go someday.
  • Mike asks Mannie if he'll take up researching humor when the war is over, and Mannie agrees. Who doesn't love reading knock-knock jokes?
  • Using a laser beam, Mike burns the sensors of an attacking ship. When the ship gives Mike control to land them, the computer decides to crash them into the surface instead.
  • Mannie heads down to visit Mike. There, he executes Operation Hard Rock.

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