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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • The first ship, FNS Espérance, attacks Mike's radars. Brody's boys burn the ship's eyes out, and the ship crashes; two radars are knocked out in the explosion.
  • Mannie gets the information from Mike, who informs him that a second ship will be visible in about three hours.
  • Mannie gets to work.
  • The second ship comes around and takes potshots at the catapult and knocks it out of commission. Brody's boys laser its eyes and ears, and it crashes later.
  • Without up-to-date information on the situation, Mannie can't determine whether or not to hit China again.
  • He calls the members of the War Cabinet that are with him, and orders a sky watch without radar, since radar would give away their position.
  • Stu is of the opinion that they shouldn't bomb China—he expects Dr. Chan to contact him to discuss terms—but Mannie decides they'll still attack China, believing they've only come as far as they have by looking strong and steadfast.
  • The bombardments continue as scheduled, but with a change: Mannie will be hitting Federated Nation offices hard.
  • Running out of moon rocks and with a cruiser flying over their heads, Mannie takes the game into "extra innings" (28.92).
  • The gamble pays off, and one by one, the nations of Earth begin to recognize Luna as a free state.
  • Prof sends a message calling Mannie home at once.

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