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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Mike informs Mannie that Professor Paz is trying to call his house, so Mannie has Mike cut him in to the call.
  • Prof says he called to warn Wyoh and Mannie that everyone at the meeting is in danger. Mannie, having already figured out the danger part, invites Prof to their hotel.
  • The three order breakfast, and Prof updates them on what happened at the rally: The Warden's bodyguards were all killed, and their bodies were, let's say, recycled.
  • The three decide that the revolution will need a better structure to stay off the radar. Mannie comes up with a covert cell structure that will ensure anyone being caught will not be able to give away the entire organization.
  • After his brilliant idea, Prof asks Mannie if he'd like to lead the revolution.
  • Mannie declines, but Wyoh opts him in anyway.

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