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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Feeling the matter is not settled at all, Mannie orders drinks.
  • While they discuss the matter of Mannie's opting in or out, Prof shares his political view, which he calls "rational anarchism" (6.43). The basic idea is that a person is always responsible for himself and his actions.
  • Prof declares the revolution at hand, but Mannie still isn't all in, so Wyoh suggests he call Mike to analyze the situation.
  • While they're at it, they share the truth about Mike with Prof. Prof is a little worried, but Mannie assures him that Mike is his own man, er, computer.
  • Mike crunches the numbers. He decides that, given current trends, Luna will exhaust its natural resources. In nine years, cannibalism will set in and the moon will become a zombie nightmare set in spaceā€¦ which sounds like a pretty sweet movie, to be honest.
  • Not one for the taste of human flesh, though, Mannie sides with revolution.
  • He wants Mike to calculate the odds of success, and Mike comes back with the figure seven to one against them.

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