Study Guide

The Moonstone First Period, Chapter 19

By Wilkie Collins

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First Period, Chapter 19

  • Cuff takes a little servant boy with him to the Shivering Sands to look for Rosanna, and then sends the kid back with a note for Betteredge.
  • He wants one of Rosanna's boots, quickly.
  • Betteredge is too curious; he takes the boot himself, instead of sending it back with the boy.
  • Cuff has found some boot prints in the sand, and they're exactly the size of Rosanna's.
  • The footprints in the sand lead down to the rocks over the Shivering Sand, but they can't find any prints leading back.
  • Betteredge realizes that Rosanna must have killed herself by throwing herself in the quicksand, and he's heartbroken – his own daughter, Penelope, is just Rosanna's age.
  • It starts raining, and they all get soaked.
  • When they get back to the house, there's a note for Betteredge from Rosanna, thanking him for all his kindness to her.

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