Study Guide

The Moonstone First Period, Chapter 20

By Wilkie Collins

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First Period, Chapter 20

  • Lady Verinder blames Cuff for Rosanna's death, thinking that she must have committed suicide because she knew that Cuff suspected her.
  • She asks him to take his money and go, but Cuff refuses the money.
  • She cools down enough to ask to meet with him once he and Betteredge have had a chance to change into dry clothes.
  • Meanwhile, Franklin tells Betteredge that he's planning to leave the country again, and will never see Rachel again, ever.
  • Cuff and Betteredge go into Lady Verinder's room.
  • Betteredge knows that Cuff is about to tell Lady Verinder, straight out, that he suspects Rachel stole her own diamond.

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