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The Moonstone First Period, Chapter 7

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First Period, Chapter 7

  • Penelope asks her father what happened at the Shivering Sand between Rosanna and Franklin Blake.
  • She says that Rosanna has been acting weird all afternoon – blushing, asking questions about Franklin Blake, and writing his name down in her sewing box.
  • Penelope suspects that Rosanna has fallen in love with Franklin Blake at first sight, but Betteredge thinks that's absurd – after all, Rosanna is poor! She's a reformed criminal! And she has a deformed shoulder! Unattractive people don't fall in love. It's ridiculous.
  • Penelope knows better, though, and tells her father that he's being cruel.
  • Betteredge doesn't witness Franklin's reunion with his aunt, Lady Verinder, and his cousin, Rachel, but Penelope assures him that Rachel took even more care than usual with her hair and clothing before dinner.
  • Franklin Blake says that he hasn't seen a prettier girl than Rachel since coming back to England.
  • That night, Betteredge goes around with Samuel, one of the male servants, to lock up the house.
  • He thinks that he sees the shadow of a person on the lawn, and when he goes to check it out, he finds a bottle of black ink – like what Penelope says the Indians used to make the little boy tell the future.
  • Betteredge doesn't say anything to Samuel, but locks the house up tight. After all, the diamond is safe in the bank at Frizinghall.

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