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The Moonstone Second Period, Narrative 2, Chapter 3

By Wilkie Collins

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Second Period, Narrative 2, Chapter 3

  • That night Mr. Bruff goes to a dinner party and finds himself sitting next to Mr. Murthwaite.
  • They've never met before, but Mr. Bruff introduces himself and mentions that he thinks that one of the three Indians from Frizinghall visited his office the day before.
  • Mr. Murthwaite is surprised, and wants to hear more.
  • Mr. Bruff tells him about the parting questions that the man had posed both to him and to Mr. Luker.
  • Mr. Murthwaite goes over the whole affair from the beginning, in order to explain the Indian's motives to Mr. Bruff.
  • He explains that the Indians assume that the diamond has been pawned for money, and are now sure that the diamond will be redeemed from Mr. Luker exactly a year later.
  • They aren't exactly sure of the exact date that the Moonstone was pledged to Mr. Luker, but they know that it was at the end of June, 1848.
  • So they should expect to hear news of the Indians at the end of June, 1849.

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