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The Moonstone Second Period, Narrative 3, Chapter 2

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Second Period, Narrative 3, Chapter 2

  • Gabriel Betteredge is delighted to see Franklin Blake, and claims that Robinson Crusoe, which he was reading as Franklin arrived, had prophesied Franklin's arrival.
  • Because Rachel doesn't want anything to do with him, Franklin's pride won't allow him to stay at Rachel's house.
  • So, at Betteredge's suggestion, he decides to stay at a nice farmhouse nearby.
  • He tells Betteredge that he's going to solve the mystery of the Moonstone.
  • Betteredge tells him about the letter Rosanna Spearman had left in the care of Lucy Yolland, to be given to Franklin Blake in person.
  • Franklin says he'll go to the Yollands' house in the fishing village first thing in the morning to get the letter.

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