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The Moonstone Second Period, Narrative 3, Chapter 3

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Second Period, Narrative 3, Chapter 3

  • Franklin and Betteredge arrive at the Yollands' house, and Lucy immediately goes upstairs to get Rosanna's letter.
  • She's not very polite to Franklin – she clearly still blames him for Rosanna's suicide.
  • Rosanna's letter tells him that, if he wants to know why she behaved so strangely toward him, he must go to the Shivering Sand around the time of the tide change.
  • She gives him precise directions about which rocks to go to.
  • He'll have to reach over the edge of the rocks and into the quicksand, and he'll find a chain.
  • He should pull the chain and find the box.
  • Franklin and Betteredge immediately set off for the Shivering Sand – they have an hour to get there before the tide changes.
  • When they get there, Betteredge lets Franklin search for the box alone, since that's what Rosanna would have wanted.
  • Franklin crawls along the rocks, following Rosanna's instructions, and finds the box she described.
  • Inside, there's a letter and a linen nightgown.
  • The nightgown has the paint smear on it!
  • Before looking at the letter, Franklin checks to see if the nightgown has the owner's name stitched into it.
  • It does!
  • And…the name on the nightgown is FRANKLIN BLAKE.
  • He doesn't know what to think – does this mean that HE stole the Moonstone?

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