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The Moonstone Second Period, Narrative 3, Chapter 7

By Wilkie Collins

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Second Period, Narrative 3, Chapter 7

  • When he bursts in on her, the first thing he does is kiss her.
  • At first she's cool with this, but then she remembers, and shoves him away.
  • She's not happy with him.
  • He asks her what he's done, and she's shocked and angry that he can even ask.
  • After all, she says, she's covered for him this whole time.
  • He keeps asking why she suspects him of stealing the diamond, and finally she tells him that she saw him do it with her own eyes.
  • He's shocked – so much for his theory that someone else could have been wearing his nightgown.
  • He asks Rachel to go over what she saw, in detail.
  • She says that she was in her bedroom, with the door to the boudoir cracked so that she could see out.
  • A little after 1 o'clock in the morning, she was still awake, and she heard footsteps.
  • The door from the hall to the boudoir opened, and she saw Franklin come in, dressed in his nightgown, holding a candle.
  • She saw him look around, then take the diamond out of the cabinet where she had put it, and walk out again.
  • At first, she resolved to tell him that she'd seen him, and offer to pledge the diamond herself and give him the money if he were really that strapped for cash.
  • But then, the next morning, when she saw Franklin helping with the investigation, she decided he was a hypocrite and changed her mind.
  • But she still couldn't bring herself to turn him in, which is why she wouldn't talk to anyone or cooperate with the investigation.
  • Franklin swears that he'll find a way of proving his innocence to her, or he'll never see her again.

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