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The Moths Narrator Point of View

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Narrator Point of View

First Person (Central)

We never do get the narrator's name, though her evil sisters call her "bull hands." We'd never do that, though, unless we wanted a serious beating in return. Despite being nameless, the narrator is the person we follow through the story as she's directly involved in the action of everything that unfolds.

The narrator is the only one in the house when Abuelita dies, and her description of cleaning Abuelita's body is intimate and firsthand:

"I removed a few strands of hair from Abuelita's face and held her small light head within the hollow of my neck." (16)

This is a stark and vulnerable moment, one in which our often brusque leading lady shows incredible tenderness. By having her narrate the story, we are privy to these complexities of hers—complexities few others seem aware of.

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