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The Natural Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Roy buries Wonderboy in the outfield of the stadium.
  • He waits until all the players have left before venturing into the clubhouse.
  • Changing into his street clothes, he finds an envelope stuffed with $35,000 in cash. There's a note from the Judge saying that the contract for next year has to wait because he didn't think Roy went along with the fix as enthusiastically as he could have.
  • He goes up to meet the Judge. Gus and Memo are there. Roy hits Gus and knocks out his glass eye. He calls Memo a whore.
  • Roy takes out the envelope and dumps the bills over the Judge's head.
  • The Judge threatens Roy with a gun, but Roy grabs it and throws it in the trash. He twists the Judge's nose and beats him up until he (literally) soils his pants.
  • Memo fires the gun at Roy's back, just grazing him. She screams at Roy for murdering Bump and then sticks the gun in her mouth, but he grabs it from her and tosses it away again.
  • Roy leaves the tower, hating himself with every step and thinking about all the disgusting things that have happened to him.
  • He realizes he hasn't learned a thing from any of it.
  • In the street, a newspaper boy is selling a story by Max Mercy about Roy's suspected sell-out. The story includes a photo of 19-year-old Roy flat on his back after being shot by Harriet Bird. The newsboy begs Roy to say it ain't so, but Roy just covers his face and cries.

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