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The Natural Chapter 6

By Bernard Malamud

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Chapter 6

  • That day Roy plays great, and the Knights move into second place in the league. Afterward he goes to visit Memo, who claims that the doctor said she doesn't have anything serious.
  • She doesn't have time for Roy because she's going out with Gus.
  • Roy gets into a batting (and emotional) slump, and can't seem to get a hit for three days. He tries everything, but can't seem to break the hitless streak.
  • Nobody knows what to tell him, but Pop suggests trying a new bat. Roy refuses to give up Wonderboy.
  • He doesn't see much of Memo, but when he does she recommends going to a fortune teller named Lola that Bump used to see when he was having trouble hitting.
  • Lola tells Roy that he will fall in love with a dark-haired lady, and that's it. No baseball advice.
  • The whole team starts using all their lucky charms and superstitions to try to get a win.
  • Pop benches Roy because he won't try a different bat.
  • When he goes back to his hotel room he sees Bump's ghost in the bathroom.
  • In Chicago at an away game Red notices a black car following them. Pop explains that he'd hired a private eye to follow Roy around and keep him out of trouble. That explains what happened that day with Memo in the country.
  • A man comes up to Roy in the street and says that his son's in the hospital with a broken skull. He says that if Roy will get a hit, his son will be saved. The man's desperate.
  • But Roy's still benched because of his stubbornness about using Wonderboy.
  • He can see the boy's father in the stands. He also notices a black-haired woman in a red dress and wearing a white flower.
  • During the eighth inning the woman suddenly stands up and distracts everyone. Roy won't switch bats so he stays on the bench, but he's feeling guilty.
  • Finally Pop gives in and sends Roy in to bat with Wonderboy. The woman in the red dress stands up again, and everyone notices her, including Roy.
  • After two strikes, Roy finally swings and connects, and hits a home run.
  • The Knights win, and everyone knows that Roy saved the kid's life with his hit.

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