Study Guide

The Open Boat Section 2

By Stephen Crane

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Section 2

  • The cook points out that the wind is pushing them toward shore. How lucky!
  • The correspondent and oiler agree. The captain reminds everyone that they're not out of danger just yet. Way to be a Debbie Downer, Mr. Captain.
  • Seagulls fly around the boat. One tries to land on the captain's head, and the captain shoos it away. The men worry it's a bad omen. At least it wasn't a black cat. That'd be downright weird. 
  • The oiler and correspondent continue rowing. First they row together (each with one oar) and then they take turns rowing alone.
  • It's tricky switching seats because the boat is so unstable.
  • The chunks of seaweed in the water look like little islands.
  • The men see the lighthouse, but it's very far away.
  • One of the men asks the captain if he thinks they'll make it.
  • The captain says they will if the wind holds and the boat doesn't sink. He doesn't sound very optimistic. Uh oh. 

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