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The Other Boleyn Girl Allusions

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Historical References

Pretty much everyone in this book is a real-life figure. Here are the most prominent ones:

  • Anne Boleyn
  • Henry VIII
  • Katherine of Aragon
  • Jane Seymour
  • Mary I
  • Elizabeth I (appears as a baby. Aww, what a cute little queen.)

These people are real, but historians known very little about them, giving Philippa Gregory lots of freedom to invent their stories:

  • Mary Boleyn
  • George Boleyn
  • Madge Shelton
  • Lady Jane Rochford
  • William Carey
  • William Stafford

Aside from the historical figures who are main and supporting characters in this novel, the following historical figures make cameos throughout:

  • Martin Luther
  • Thomas More
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Cardinal Wolsey

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