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The Other Boleyn Girl Games

By Philippa Gregory

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Cards Against Humanity

Anyone who says Don't hate the player, hate the game doesn't seem to understand that no one is forcing these people to play said game, and there wouldn't be a game if people weren't playing it. Feel free to hate anyone you want in this book, because most of them treat others as pawns in a game instead of as people with lives and feelings.

We could fill a whole book with lines that make allusions to games, and that book would be called The Other Boleyn Girl. Here is a sample of a fraction of the times games are mentioned:

  • "But don't run too fast," my sister warned. "Remember he has to catch you." (2.268)
  • "They've ordered you to play a clever game, not moon around like a lovesick girl at twilight." (2.310)
  • We all had parts to play, we all had costumes to wear. (4.1)
  • I saw how she played him. (5.197)
  • I was no longer their pawn. I was at the very least a castle, a player in the game. (10.18)
  • "You're a wild card and I don't know how to play you." (15.25)
  • "I promise you, it's no game to me, Your Majesty." (2.386)
  • "Mistress Anne plays a strong hand. She wants my husband and your son as well. She wants a full suit." (24.21)
  • "It's a damned dangerous game to play with a king who has absolute power." (32.159)
  • Few of the Howards ever realized that girls were anything more than counters to play in the marriage game. (49.30)

The reason the Boleyns act this way is that the world is a game to them—a political game, specifically. These people take risks that they hope will pay off, and they want to win more than anything else. What do they win? Power, prestige, and fortune, that's what. For the Boleyns, anything's a fair price, even if that means others will get hurt in their desperate attempts to win.

Someone get these people a copy of Balderdash, because if they had a real game to play, maybe the world would be a nicer place.

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