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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Spring 1525

  • The king receives news: France is surrendering to England and Spain.
  • "God bless the Spanish and the Spanish princess!" (11.11), cheers Henry. The Spanish princess being his wife, this means that Mary is once again tossed aside like a used tissue.
  • Henry expects to become King of France, but Charles V of Spain is taking his sweet time.
  • After much delay, Charles decides to ransom King Francis back to France and restore him to the throne.
  • Henry is livid, and he wonders if Katherine played a role in this plotting. He accuses her of treason.
  • Katherine swears she had no idea that her nephew would behave this way.
  • Just like that, Katherine's out of favor, and Mary is back in the king's bed. That didn't take long; they barely had time to change the sheets.
  • Mary, who is more fertile than Mesopotamia, quickly conceives another child.
  • Mary's family is rewarded, with her father promoted to viscount and her husband awarded a grant of land.
  • William, Mary's husband, speaks to Mary's father and convinces him to allow Mary another summer in Hever with her daughter.
  • George visits to walk in the apple orchards and complain about his worm of a wife, Jane Parker. She's not only nasty, but she's a kinky thing, wanting George to sleep with another woman while she watches. When he refuses, she offers to get him a man. He refuses that too, not because he isn't interested in men, but because he doesn't want his wife watching.
  • George actually is having an affair with a young male singer.
  • Mary is aghast. "Sodomy" is punishable by death. The mere rumor of it could get her brother executed.
  • George assures her that he will be safe. If you believe that, bookmark so you don't fall for anything else.

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