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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Summer 1527

  • Mary is left all by herself at Hever. Old Mammary had a farm, and on this farm she had her kids, so she is feeling just ducky about all this.
  • Anne soon does what she does best: ruins everything. This time, she does it by sending Mary a letter.
  • In the letter, Anne announces she is to be queen of England.
  • Mary gets another surprise: a visit from her husband, William.
  • William has bad news: England is at war with Spain.
  • And the Pope, who is still in Spain, is unlikely to issue Henry an annulment.
  • Maybe Anne jumped the gun with all this queen talk.
  • William believes the Boleyns are kaput with all this going on, and he wants to reclaim Mary as his wife.
  • Mary writes a letter to Anne asking her to rescue her from William.
  • William intercepts the letter and reads it.
  • But Anne anticipated William's actions and sends Mary a letter, anyway, telling her that the king requests her and her husband's presence at court.
  • Mary is saved, but William still wants to be her rightful husband. He kisses Mary, and she wonders if maybe she wouldn't mind being his wife.

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