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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Autumn 1528

  • Anne recovers from "the sweat" and wants to drag Mary back to court with her as an ally as she continues her plot for the throne.
  • Mary wishes Anne had stayed sweaty.
  • Back at court, Anne and Mary discover that the family had a meeting without them.
  • The Boleyns suspect that Henry might want to marry Mary, who has been conveniently widowed.
  • Anne is furious that Mary dared return to court to steal her man.
  • Mary reminds Anne that she forced her to return to court with her.
  • Anne starts seducing Henry like she's never seduced before.
  • That's nothing out of the ordinary, but she has an even more nefarious plan: she adopts Mary's son, Henry.
  • Mary is furious, but she's powerless to stop Anne.
  • Some sisters steal each other's clothes or makeup. Anne Boleyn steals children.

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