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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Summer 1529

  • Anne the control freak wants Mary at court, but Mary decides to leave, anyway, to go to Hever and see her children. Well, her daughter and the son that Anne officially adopted, that is.
  • Before she leaves, Mary says goodbye to the queen. She apologizes for betraying Katherine to her family.
  • Katherine is like, Honey, please, you're a Boleyn. Katherine knew Mary would betray her, which is why she didn't tell Mary about the real letter she had delivered to Spain. Oh, snap.
  • In Hever, Mary receives news that there is still no news regarding the king's divorce.
  • In this instance, no news is bad news.
  • Anne mails Mary a letter, demanding she return to court in autumn.
  • Mary considers faking the plague to avoid seeing Anne again. Seeing Anne Boleyn is like all Mondays rolled into one.

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