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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Summer 1530

  • It's summer, so it's back to Hever for Mary.
  • This trip is different because of the presence of a flirtatious new escort: William Stafford.
  • Mary asks Stafford to dine with her, but he refuses. "A pity that he had such bad manners" (27.16), thinks Mary, which roughly translates to, "How rude!"
  • However, Mary and William continue flirting with each other during the summer.
  • Mary welcomes the distraction, because she is upset that her son, who isn't even legally her son anymore, is growing up.
  • Mary reluctantly cuts her son's curly blond hair, and she's sad that his life is flying by without her in it.
  • On the way back to court at the end of summer, Mary weeps.
  • William Stafford suggests she that Mary is weeping because she lacks independence. If she'd fight for her children and deny her family, she might be happy.
  • "I'd like to ride alone" (27.59), Mary tells him, which roughly translates to, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself."

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