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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Spring 1531

  • In less than two paragraphs, Henry names himself the supreme head of the Church of England.
  • The only person who might speak out against him is Bishop Fisher.
  • Strangely, Bishop Fisher is poisoned a few nights later. And by "strangely," we mean, "Anne totally did it."
  • The queen is worried about being poisoned by Anne, too, so she feeds all her food to her dog first.
  • Soon, Princess Mary, Henry and Katherine's daughter, falls ill, and Mary Boleyn wonders if Anne poisoned her, too.
  • Whatever the cause, Katherine wants to see her daughter, but Henry denies her request.
  • Only when the princess is near death does Henry dismiss Katherine.
  • Mary sees off the queen, and William Stafford, the stable man, approaches Mary. He asks if she ever looks for him.
  • Mary says, "Never" (30.89), but she totally means "all the time."

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