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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Summer 1531

  • Boy, the years fly by, don't they?
  • It's summer, which means Mary is off to Hever.
  • The other Mary, Princess Mary, has returned to court with her mother, Queen Katherine.
  • Katherine and Mary Boleyn bond a bit as mothers before Mary leaves.
  • Everything is great.
  • Not quite. What book did you think you were reading?
  • Before Mary leaves for Hever, the court leaves for their summer trip…without the queen.
  • For the first time in history, the king ditches Katherine without saying goodbye.
  • That is not a good sign.
  • Soon, Katherine receives a letter informing her she is to gather her stuff and leave by the time Henry returns.
  • We saw a case just like this one on Judge Judy.
  • Mary leaves for Hever to get all the court drama out of her mind.
  • She has a wonderful summer, teaching the children to ride ponies with the help of William Stafford, the stable stud.
  • Mary entertains dreams of marrying another William.
  • Mary's dream is cut short by a letter from Anne, who demands her return to court at once.
  • Back and forth goes Mary, like a yo-yo.

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